Recently, I joined as the Director cum Medical Superintendent of The Mental Health Institute, SCB Medical college, Cuttack, and my dream came true. I joined the Institution which presently stands out as the most premier one in the region. Over the years, it has been enriched and equipped with facilities and motivations to make key contributions to the field of knowledge.

My career spanning from my post graduate days to my taking the headship has witnessed the crest and ebb of this Institute. I too have seen how Psychiatry has flourished from a subject of stigma and disgrace to an honorable preoccupation in the present junction of history.

From the dilapidated structure to this well storeyed building, from being a student of Prof. B Das to my taking of headship the journey undertaken has been worthwhile.

But I’m yet to decide which is the ‘halcyon’ for me!

A lot has been done, a ocean of work wait for attention.

I reassure my self

My search for excellence wouldn’t end

Let me reassure myself

Jai Jagannath



Prof. Dr. Ajaya Kumar Mishra
Director-cum-Medical Superintendent, MHI (COE), SCB MCH, Cuttack