“In this era where people are facing a mental health pandemic, there is a dire need to impart knowledge on mental health to people and render that knowledge into day-to- day practice in care and cure of mental disorders and address the issues at the grassroot level.” Our mission is to make the trusted knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Using case/client-based learning, collaborative care and tele-mentoring, we seek to enhance the community participation in delivering mental health care and services. 

Upcoming Training Programme : Training on Suicide Prevention for Teachers

Details will be updated soon.

Clinical experts from ODAMH, MHI (COE) and NIMHANS Digital Academy (NDA)

Facilitators and Experts

  • Officer-in-charge ODAMH and Facilitator:  Dr. Seema Parija, DPM, DNB Psychiatry, MNAMS, ODAMH
  • Dr. Pallabi Sahu, Asst. Professor in Psychiatry, MHI (COE), SCBMCH
  • Coordinator cum Subject expert: Ms Sushree Sangita Behura, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, ODAMH
  • Subject expert: Ms Sukanya Mahakul, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, ODAMH
  • Subject Expert: Ms Sushupti Mohapatra, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, ODAMH
  • Dr Sujata Sahu, Senior Resident, MHI (COE), SCBMCH

Clinic/Session Coordinator

  • Ms Sushree Sangita Behura

Communication Specialists

  • Ms Sushupti Mahapatra
  • Ms Sukanya Mahakul

Edu-tech support: Mr. Subhrajeet/ Mr. Kubenthiran/ Mr Manjunatha